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Our Services

Creative Software will help you scale cloud solutions seamlessly and in harmony with your on-premise IT infrastructure. We can assist you with a smooth transition to Microsoft Azure, modernising and integrating your applications and making better use of your data.

Cloud Services

We can help you improve the efficiency of your IT services, increasing your agility and reducing overall spending on infrastructure.

App Modernisation & Integration

In collaboration with you, we modernise legacy systems and develop new applications that have a real business impact.

Data & Analytics

We bridge information silos and transform data into actionable business insights, assisting you to make more informed decisions.


We provide DevOps services for all application lifecycle phases.

Cloud Services

Through our long-term partnership with Microsoft we have acquired the skills and experience needed to manage your business-critical applications in Azure. We offer an end-to-end service, including troubleshooting, testing, monitoring, lifecycle management and maintenance to ensure excellent availability and performance of applications and processes. Migrating to a cloud environment can cut costs and make your business more agile, but it can also present technical risks. Prior to any engagement, in order to minimise risks, our Cloud Architects will assess your environment and deploy a proof-of-concept to verify the viability of cloud initiatives.

App Modernisation & Integration

We provide end to end application modernisation, using your preferred technology stack. Additionally, we can build new applications born in the cloud, uniquely designed to take maximum advantage of the Microsoft Azure platform.

Data & Analytics

The volume, variety and velocity of data is growing exponentially. Microsoft Azure data connectors, solution accelerators and big data integration capabilities enable faster data-driven decision making.

We have strong capabilities on big data platform implementation, data processing, data orchestration, visualisation, reporting, analytics, advanced and predictive analytics, data modelling and data science. Leveraging these capabilities, we offer end to end big data and data engineering services.

DevOps Solutions

For companies to succeed, it is crucial to be innovative and deliver applications that employees and customers love to use. To achieve this, you need a cross functional team that works collaboratively and in alignment with business stakeholders. Creative Software’s DevOps services help organisations adopt this culture of innovation, delivering applications faster, with better quality whilst continuously incorporating feedback into an iterative development process.

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