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Nurturing Talent

From our partnerships with universities to encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs, Creative Software paves the way for the next generation to grow their potential.

Layup - A learning driven social platform

During his undergraduate studies, Sheran Corera created the gamified eLearing platform LayUp hoping that one day it would improve education for users worldwide. Like most entrepreneurs, he started small with many ups and downs. But, Sheran was tenacious and wanted to reach a wider audience fast. He approached Creative Software with an early version of LayUp, showing us what eLearning could look like in the future. We recognised the potential and came on board.

Qoshnt - Guidance, Mentoring & Coaching

As Sri Lanka grows, creative thinkers, innovators, problem solvers and progressive mindsets are paramount for corporates and country alike Qoshnt offers guidance, coaching and mentoring to students, providing insight into the next steps in their academic path and enabling young people make better career choices.

Investing in the next generation

Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Tech sessions and webinars published on our YouTube channel

Industry Visits

Undergraduates experience a real-life working environment and industry best-practices

Internship Programmes

Working along-side experienced colleagues, undergraduates gain valuable industry experience

University Outreach

A variety of tech and non-tech knowledge sharing sessions conducted at universities.


Sponsoring hackathons, club events, magazine launches and much more

Career Fairs

We participate in university career fairs and conduct interviews for graduating students interested in joining Creative

Student Mentoring

Mentoring students who are a part of the Creative R&D centres, research projects and other programs

Creative Software signs MOU with University of Colombo to set up an IT R&D Centre

In a step to strengthen industry-university ties and ensure graduates possess the skills needed in today’s competitive market, Creative Software has entered into an MOU with the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) to set up an in-house IT R&D Centre for undergraduates.

Creative Software partners with University of Moratuwa to develop an autonomous driving system

With the goal of inspiring innovation amongst the brightest minds in Sri Lanka, Creative Software has partnered with the University of Moratuwa to embark on a research project focusing on driverless car technology. The methods, algorithms and techniques emanating from this project can be adapted for subsequent AI and machine learning ventures.

Creative Software opens a student R&D Centre at NSBM Green University Town

Creative Software has established a student R&D centre – Creative Lab –at the NSBM Green University Town. Students working in the Lab will gain valuable experience developing enterprise applications as part of their internship programs. Initiatives like Creative Lab will play a vital role in developing the future IT professionals of Sri Lanka, presenting them with opportunities otherwise not available.

Giving Back

Nurturing our community through CSR is at the core of Creative

We believe we have a collective responsibility to help improve the communities we live and work in and are contributing to a number of charitable causes in Sri Lanka.

From supporting educational institutions in rural communities with clean water, books and sporting equipment, to tree-planting and an annual Blood Donation Campaign, Creatives are givers at heart.

Perhaps closest to our hearts is our guardianship of Little Hearts, an initiative to fund and support the Sri Lanka College of Pediatricians in the construction of the Lady Ridgeway Hospital Cardiac and Critical Care Complex.

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