The Complete Guide to Integrating Opus Codec with VOIP Android

When I was building my app Rahasak (Sinhala for "secrets"), communication platform that allows users to share secret information in a secure environment, I couldn’t find a complete guide to integrating Opus Codec with voice over IP (VOIP)

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How to Implement Parallel Processing Workflow with C#

It is very common to do parallel processing in applications that do intensive amount of processing. In those tasks, you might need to use a set of chained tasks that are interlinked in such a way that you do processing in a set of stages/phases.

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Are You Self-Confident? Use This Trick and "Fake It Until You Become It" [VIDEO]

Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Oldie, but goodie. As I am writing this post, Amy Cuddy's 20min talk has almost 42 million views on TED! And you can bet that it deserves every single one of them, and more. Watch it to learn her simple confidence boosting "life hack".

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Getting Started with Elasticsearch: How To Increase the Speed of Your Software’s Search Tool

I am going to show how you can increase the speed of your software system’s search tool (including web and mobile) with Elasticsearch, the most powerful search tool used by world’s leading systems today. Before jumping into it, you should know bit about this technology and terminology so this post doesn’t sound Greek to you.

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Are you skipping these scrum practices? This is why you need to stop now (and how to do it)

If you work in a distributed development setup, you have to make sure both teams are able to communicate effectively and collaborate seamlessly. Scrum is made for these purposes. Scrum practices are the result of years of experience and research, so there is a good reason why each of them exists. If carried out correctly, you will have yourself two (or more) teams at two (or more) locations working as one. Skip some steps, and soon you might be wondering what went wrong.

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Guys, This Is What You Can Do To See More Women Leaders in Your IT Community

Working in the IT industry in Sri Lanka, I’ve rarely seen women in leadership positions. Besides being the minority in IT companies, women seem less engaged in decision-making and even social activities that form part of office life. Perhaps being the minority IS a major factor. After all, most of these women were fantastic students and are currently superb engineers, so surely they are capable of handling challenge and taking responsibility. But what about taking charge?

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