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Our Services

Our main strengths are scalability in terms of quick mobilisation, processes, technology and a vision for achieving success through visibility over a partnership approach involving transparency and accountability. By providing a high quality, cost-effective service out of our state-of-the-art Research & Development Centre in Sri Lanka, we help our clients meet their deadlines and achieve higher levels of profitability.

Software Development

We use a well-defined methodology for Outsourced Software Development which is a blend of best practices and our accumulated experience. Our methodology is structured, yet sufficiently flexible, to accommodate the distinct needs of different clients. We are aware of the constraints that exist when coordinating distributed development between offices in different locations and we have developed procedures and practices to avoid common pitfalls. Transparency is at the center of our approach - ensuring customers stay engaged throughout the project, thereby avoiding potential risks such as cost overruns or delivery delays. Using a methodology built on Agile principles we provide frequent iterative deliveries, enabling our customers to continuously measure progress and project quality. Our component based architectures make our products reusable and extendable. We recognise knowledge management as a critical success factor and provide comprehensive documentation covering all aspects of the software developed.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an integral part of our development methodology and all software we produce is subjected to rigorous quality control procedures. Additionally, Creative Web Technologies provides quality assurance services, delivered either through dedicated teams, or as an outsourced service for a particular project or product. Our quality assurance personnel have expertise in the following areas:

  • Test planning and development of test cases and specifications
  • Product certification
  • Systems testing (Regression testing, Integrated testing, Usability testing)
  • Automated testing
  • Test routines for recurrent test
  • Load and performance testing

Application Management

We use industry best practices and highly skilled systems engineering staff to manage a broad spectrum of enterprise infrastructure including data servers, networks, databases, and specialised applications such as enterprise search services. Our managed services framework will ensure business continuity and alignment with up to date technology advances while significantly reducing per resource management costs. From setup and deployment of an enterprise application to administration, maintenance and monitoring, we have a unique skill set in handling very large search related applications running in to Terabytes of data across hundreds of servers.

24/7 Support

Our Helpdesk and technical support services ensure that enterprise users, be it employees or enterprise clients are provided with timely support to resolve issues in their IT infrastructure. We follow stringent processes to guarantee SLA adherence on service availability and incident response times while providing clear escalation paths for critical incidents. The diverse pool of in-house experts in networking, DBMS, programming, testing, mobile devices and hardware provide our technical support staff with access to knowledge that is readily available for troubleshooting different types of IT issues. Using incident management tools tailored to each business case, we have been able to achieve greater customer satisfaction with a proven track record.

Cloud Solutions

Creative Software will help you scale cloud solutions seamlessly and in harmony with your on-premise IT infrastructure. We can assist you with a smooth transition to Microsoft Azure, modernising and integrating your applications and making better use of your data.

Cloud Services
Through our long-term partnership with Microsoft we have acquired the skills and experience needed to manage your business-critical applications in Azure. We offer an end-to-end service, including troubleshooting, testing, monitoring, lifecycle management and maintenance to ensure excellent availability and performance of applications and processes. Migrating to a cloud environment can cut costs and make your business more agile, but it can also present technical risks. Prior to any engagement, in order to minimise risks, our Cloud Architects will assess your environment and deploy a proof-of-concept to verify the viability of cloud initiatives.
App Modernisation & Integration
We provide end to end application modernisation, using your preferred technology stack. Additionally, we can build new applications born in the cloud, uniquely designed to take maximum advantage of the Microsoft Azure platform.
Data and Analytics

The volume, variety and velocity of data is growing exponentially. Microsoft Azure data connectors, solution accelerators and big data integration capabilities enable faster data-driven decision making.

We have strong capabilities on big data platform implementation, data processing, data orchestration, visualisation, reporting, analytics, advanced and predictive analytics, data modelling and data science. Leveraging these capabilities, we offer end to end big data and data engineering services.

DevOps Solutions
For companies to succeed, it is crucial to be innovative and deliver applications that employees and customers love to use. To achieve this, you need a cross functional team that works collaboratively and in alignment with business stakeholders. Creative Software’s DevOps services help organisations adopt this culture of innovation, delivering applications faster, with better quality whilst continuously incorporating feedback into an iterative development process.
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